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English Language Courses Dubai

English Language Courses Dubai offered by Amarmirgh Education Services is designed for enhancing the fluency and confidence of the candidate while speaking English. It is a bridging language, which is spoken all around the globe, and it is essential for everyone to know how to communicate effectively in English. The English speaking course, which we are rendering, is focused on developing the overall speaking skills, and there are specific lessons where we cover all the facets such as; active vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, intonation, conversational gambits, etc.

We have a team of qualified professionals who understand that the paramount to the successful English Speaking Course is stimulating the live lessons, which engages the aspirants in the activities. We aim at providing the English lessons as per the international standards and also encourage the students to contribute more and more in the classes.

The English Language Courses Dubai is certainly, very essential to survive in today’s world, and we are providing the English Speaking Course at affordable prices. At our institution, you will never feel insecure or uncomfortable as we are providing the best services to non-native speakers. We have different group courses for general, business, and academic purposes.

If you want to enhance your English Speaking Skills, then now you can enroll yourself in Amarmirgh’s Education Services, English Language Courses Dubai. For more information regarding the batches and the commencement, reach out to us!

Language Classes Arabic, German, French, and Spanish

Learning a foreign language is one of the best choices, as it opens up a new gate for opportunities. The Amarmirgh Education Services has come up with the different Language Classes from which an individual can choose one as per their interest.


  • Speaking more than one language can improve the memory
  • It helps in developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • It increases the ability to multi-tasking
  • It develops better listening skills by enhancing the concentration level
  • It offers new jobs in different countries
  • Makes the person more creative

We are offering German, French, and Spanish language English Language Courses Dubai, Arabic Language Courses Dubai, French Language Courses Dubai classes where the person can learn the language from scratch, and the expert teachers never leave anything from their end. All the language courses are divided into six levels from basic to advanced; A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2; it is not necessary to complete till expert level, as after each level the person gets a certification.

  • You can enroll yourself in Germany at a zero price
  • German is an easy language for English Speakers
  • It is highly spoken all around Europe
  • Germany has the biggest economy
  • Berlin is the Hotspot for Innovations
  • Out of seven, it is spoken in five continents
  • It is a highly used language in the international job market
  • It is a language of culture, love, and travel
  • French Language Courses Dubai has an amazing work culture
  • It is easy for the English Speakers
  • It can enhance your resume, and it can increase the availability of jobs
  • You’ll learn more about beauty, literature, and pop culture
  • It is spoken on four continents
  • It is beneficial for growing international business
  • Make your travel more exciting

If you want to know more about the commencement of the courses, then you can contact us today!

Arabic Qualified Teacher

"Teaching Emirati Dialect"

With Native Arabic teachers with wide experience in Dubai teachng Spoken and Advanced "Classical" Arabic for non-Arabs.

It will be real fun to learn the culture of Arabic Language Courses Dubai which is very interesting and one who can communicate confidently.

  • General and TLS Assessment Test Preparation
  • Learn grammatical struture
  • Focused on Some letters to be pronounced differently, and pronunciation also differs between dialects.
  • Taught words and expressions a unique way to their respective dialects.
  • Teaching with the vocabulary and style with Slang words and expressions to use for communication.