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IELTS Exam Preparation Dubai

The IELTS Exam Preparation Dubai has now become easy with Amarmirgh Education Services. Learn about IELTS and the strategies to score high-stakes from us!

WHAT IS IELTS Preparation Dubai?

IELTS is an International English Language Testing System, which measures the proficiency of the individual in English. This test is conducted in countries where English is the primary language of communication. The exam is of 9 bands, which is the highest score. Also, it is divided into four sections, Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening, and the exam is of 2 hours 45 minutes.

In the IELTS Exam Preparation Dubai, one can select the IELTS Test as per their final goal, as it is divided into two segments, i.e., Academic IELTS (for study) and General IELTS Preparation Dubai (for a work permit and permanent residency).

The preparation for the test is done under the supervision of the experts and they focus on the strengths as well as the weakness of the candidate to make sure that they are doing well in all the sections.


  • Overview of IELTS
  • General Information regarding the Test
  • Reading and Listening Assignments
  • Essay and Letter Writing Assignments
  • Grammar Lessons
  • Writing with Consistency and proper Performa
  • IELTS Listening and Reading Practice
  • Sentence Formation Rules

If you want to get the desired score in IELTS, then enroll with us, as we will guide you throughout under the experts!

Pedagogy Training in Dubai For Teacher Licensing System in Dubai(TLS)

The educational professions licensure system was launched in UAE with the vision to develop a Knowledge Economy and to ensure that the educational system is of high-standards. By the end of 2020, every educational professional will require a license, and it will help in advancing the educational system.

Amarmrigh Education Services has come up with the Pedagogy Training in Dubai For Teacher Licensing System in Dubai (TLS), and through this course, the teachers can prepare for the tests that are required to obtain a license. There are two tests one is in pedagogy, and the other one is a subject-matter specialization.


  • 20 Hours: Class is conducted 2 days a week, and each class is of 1 hour. The total duration is 5 weeks.
  • Thorough Practicing Material

Teacher Licensing System in Dubai COURSE FEATURES

  • Different types of learning styles available
  • Help in coping up with learning difficulties
  • Learn how to tackle disabilities
  • Motivation
  • Integrating technology in the classroom teaching
  • Online teaching-learning
  • Scaffolding techniques for slow performers
  • Self-Efficiency testing and development
  • Inculcating 4 Cs of the 21st-century skills

The staff present at the center informs the candidates regarding the exam criteria and the overall system. The duration of the preparation/ training can vary if the candidate needs more clarity.

To get your Teacher Licensing System in Dubai license, you can connect with us for more insights regarding the training program.

Crack the test with high scores


International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the international tests of the English language, and it is conducted by British Council, IDP Australia, and Cambridge Assessment. This exam is only conducted in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. If you are planning to visit any of these countries for work, study, or permanent residency purposes, then now you can prepare for the exam under our guidance.

Standardized Test (SAT) is a test, which is used for taking admission in the United States universities. It is conducted by the College Board. If you want to get into the united states college, then now you can prepare SAT Exam Preparation Dubai with us. We assure you that we will cover all the aspects, and make sure that you know every detail. To know more about the course, connect with our team today!

SAT Exam Preparation Dubai

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is used evaluate the analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills for English language, this test is conducted for the graduate management program. If you are looking forward to preparing for GMAT, then now you can join our GMAT course for the same.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is an exam that is conducted for the graduate schools. The test is applicable for the colleges in the United States and Canada. This test is conducted by Educational Testing Services. If you want to enroll in a college situated in the United States or Canada, then now you can prepare for GRE with us.

Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a standardized test, which is conducted for non-native English speakers. The test aims to measure the English language skills of a person, and it is useful for getting into English speaking universities. We have a team of qualified professionals who never fail to render satisfactory education.

Pearson Language Tests (PTE) is a test, which is used for validating the English Language for non-native speakers. This exam is valid for thousands of universities in Australia and New Zealand.
If you are one of those individuals who want to prepare for any of the above-mentioned exams, then now you don’t have to search for coaching anymore because we are right here to serve you with theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Our success rate is very high, so to know more regarding any of the courses, connect with us!

OET is an international English language test that assesses the language communication skills of healthcare professionals.

Healthcare professionals choose OET because it helps them prove they have the right level of English for work.


OET has been developed specifically for 12 healthcare professions: Dentistry, Dietetics, Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Radiography, Speech Pathology and Veterinary Science. Find out how the Occupational English Test is based on typical workplace scenarios in your profession.
OET is trusted by regulators, hospitals & universities in the UK, the US, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and Singapore as proof of ability to communicate effectively.

OET Sub-sections Listening Reading Writing Speaking
Duration 45 minutes 60 minutes 45 minutes 20 minutes
Description 3 parts - 42 question 3 parts - 42 question Letter Writing


approx. 45 minutes
Same content for all healthcare professions.
Follow and understand a range of health-related spoken materials such as patient consultations and lectures.

The Listening sub-test structure

Part A – consultation extracts (about 5 minutes each)
Part A assesses your ability to identify specific information during a consultation. You will listen to two recorded health professional-patient consultations and you will complete the health professional’s notes using the information you hear. Note: the health professionals may be any one of the 12 professions who can take OET.
Part B – short workplace extracts (about 1 minute each)
Part B assesses your ability to identify the detail, gist, opinion or purpose of short extracts from the healthcare workplace. You will listen to six recorded extracts (e.g. team briefings, handovers, or health professional-patient dialogues) and you will answer one multiple-choice question for each extract.
Part C – presentation extracts (about 5 minutes each)
Part C assesses your ability to follow a recorded presentation or interview on a range of accessible healthcare topics. You will listen to two different extracts and you will answer six multiple-choice questions for each extract.


60 minutes
Same content for all healthcare professions.
Read and understand different types of text on health-related subjects

The Reading sub-test structure

Part A – expeditious reading task (15 minutes)
Part A assesses your ability to locate specific information from four short texts in a quick and efficient manner. The four short texts relate to a single healthcare topic, and you must answer 20 questions in the allocated time period. The 20 questions consist of matching, sentence completion and short answer questions.
Part B and Part C – careful reading tasks (45 minutes)
Part B assesses your ability to identify the detail, gist or main point of six short texts sourced from the healthcare workplace (100-150 words each). The texts might consist of extracts from policy documents, hospital guidelines, manuals or internal communications, such as emails or memos. For each text, there is one three-option multiple-choice question.
Part C assesses your ability to identify detailed meaning and opinion in two texts on topics of interest to healthcare professionals (800 words each). For each text, you must answer eight four-option multiple choice questions.


45 minutes
Specific to profession, based on typical workplace situations.
The task is to write a letter, usually a referral letter. Sometimes, especially for some professions, a different type of letter is required: e.g. a letter of transfer or discharge, or a letter to advise or inform a patient, carer, or group.

The Writing sub-test structure

  • • The task is to write a letter, usually a referral letter. Some alternative letter types are a letter of transfer and a letter of discharge. A letter to advise or inform a patient, carer or group is sometimes used in Pharmacy, Veterinary Science and occasionally for Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy. Another task variation, with a different focus, is a written response to a complaint (for Radiography).
  • • Along with the task instructions, you will receive stimulus material (case notes and/or other related documentation) which includes information to use in your response.


approx. 20 minutes
Specific to profession, based on typical workplace situations.
In a private room you will take part in two role-plays. You take your professional role (as a healthcare professional) while the interlocutor plays a patient or client, or sometimes a relative or carer.

In each Speaking test, your identity and profession are checked by the interlocutor and there is a short warm-up conversation about your professional background. Then the role-plays are introduced one by one and you have three minutes to prepare for each. The role-plays take about five minutes each.


You receive information for each role-play on a card that you keep while you do the role-play. The card explains the situation and what you are required to do. You may write notes on the card if you want. If you have any questions about the content of the role-play or how a role-play works, you can ask them during the preparation time.
The role-plays are based on typical workplace situations and reflect the demands made on a health professional in those situations. The interlocutor follows a script so that the Speaking test structure is similar for each candidate. The interlocutor also has detailed information to use in each role-play. Different role-plays are used for different candidates at the same test administration.

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